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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Inner Range Integriti 21

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Integriti Version 21 has been released

Inner Range has maintained its focus on Integrations, Usability, and Cyber Security with the release of Integriti Version 21.
Included in this release are features such as 2 Factor Authentication, CCTV Integration enhancements, Dockable Windows and much more.

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2FA Login

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Integriti now supports 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) which increases protection against unauthorised access by adding a second step to the login process.
The second step requires an operator to enter a time-based six-digit code from an authentication app on their smartphone. If a cyber-criminal obtains an operator's password through a phishing scam or hack, they would still be unable to login as they would not be able to authenticate their login through the authentication app.

CCTV Operation Enhancements

Show CCTV at Point

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The new 'Show CCTV at Point' option gives operators the ability to rapidly gain situational awareness during highly dynamic events.The operator simply needs to right-click on a specific area of the Schematic and select Show CCTV at Point. All cameras with a Field Of View (FOV) covering the area will be shown to the operator, and any Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras will be triggered to go to the appropriate preset.

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PTZ Presets

This new release allows operators to send a PTZ to a preset position by either right-clicking on an item within a list, or right-clicking on a map. The simplicity of commands enables a rapid response when responding to a live event, and increases efficiency when reviewing history or conducting virtual guard tours.A PTZ can also be automatically sent to a preset position by a pre-defined action to capture events as they happen. No manual operator intervention is necessary.

Camera FOV

The Fields Of View (FOV) for video surveillance devices placed on Schematics can now be configured directly from the Schematics editor. This allows the coverage of all cameras to be visualised directly on the Schematic. FOVs can be viewed from both the Schematics editor and viewer, with FOVs for any currently selected Integrated Device being shown.
An operator is can easily enable or disable the FOV displayed directly from the Schematics viewer.

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Increased Usability

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Position-based Real Time Location System (RTLS) assets can now be easily viewed by video surveillance devices which have a FOV covering the asset's location.
Review Categories have been extensively added or modified with great features to enhance use.

Dockable Windows

The Schematics editor's windows can now be docked to any side of the Schematics editor, left as floating panels, or placed anywhere on the screen. You can also now select which panels are visible, tabbed, or auto-hiding

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New Schematics updates have been incorporated to increase usability. Some notable updates include customisable gridlines in the Grid Overlay, the expansion of undo and redo functionality, and the capacity to draw freeform shapes.

Show on Map

Right-click on any item in a list, and you can easily open the Schematics map this item resides on.

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Integration Tab

The addition of the Integration Tab gives operators easy access to installed integrations. Only installed integrations are shown, and if there are no installed integrations the tab will not be visible.

Cleanup Database Task Action

The addition of the 'Days To Purge' option gives more precise control over the length of time information is stored in the Integriti database. The ability to strictly control the length of time data is retained in the database gives organisations another tool to help them comply with legislation and associated corporate policies.

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Other Improvements

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Schindler Card Codec

The Schindler Card Codec has been added which simplifies the integration of sites with Schindler equipment and cards.

Layout Export & Import

Personal layouts can now be exported. These layouts can be re-imported as System Layouts, creating a streamlined user experience.

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Clickatell One API

The existing integration with Clickatell has been updated to support Clickatell's One API, thereby adding support for sending both traditional SMS and WhatsApp messages, amongst other benefits.


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