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Inner Range integration with 2N IP Intercoms

Inner Range has completed an integration between Integriti and the 2N IP Intercom range.  The introduction of 2N into the Integriti ecosystem gives integrators the ability to offer their customers ruggedised intercoms which can be controlled and managed via the Integriti platform.  

The 2N IP Force and the 2N IP Safety are intercoms that are particularly beneficial to Integriti users in harsh environments as they both offer IP69K Ingress protection with the 2N IP Force offering the additional benefit of an IK10 impact resistance rating. 

This Integration allows for standard intercom functions as well as the ability to update intercom settings to be accessed through the Integriti platform. However, the major benefit is that Integriti can perform advanced actions based on notifications received from the intercoms. 

The standard intercom functions include the ability to answer an intercom call, initiate a call to an intercom station and to end calls. Once in a call the Integriti user can use the digital PTZ function to zoom in on a specific area which gives the ability to more accurately identify objects or people in the scene. 

An Integriti user can covertly monitor audio or video from the intercoms. As a standalone feature this is good however when coupled with the automation capabilities of Integriti it creates other advanced options such as automatically activating covert audio and video monitoring when an unauthorised card is presented to a reader. Another option is that Integriti could trigger a PTZ on an integrated CCTV system to pan around and zoom into the location of the intercom. This is especially useful for sites using the 2N IP Safety Intercom.  

Finally, the ability to manage and monitor the status of the 2N intercoms from Integriti means that a user can push new settings directly to the intercom, remotely restart the intercom or be notified by Integriti if an intercom goes offline.  


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