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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Inner Range Integrates Mitsubishi Elevators with Integriti



Inner Range Integrates Mitsubishi Elevators with Integriti.


Inner Range has released a new integration which allows the Inner Range Integriti platform to communicate directly with Mitsubishi Elevators. The bidirectional communication makes it possible for facilities with Mitsubishi Elevators to significantly increase the security while enhancing convenience. Some features included are Free or Secure Floors, Card Badging, Floor Feedback and Home Floor Calling.


The integration operates over an IP network directly from the Integriti hardware to the Mitsubishi elevator controllers which provides major benefits such as not having to install additional cabling for the integration as well as providing robust and reliable communication as there are no servers or software sitting in the middle.


The ability to easily manage, through Integriti, which floors are open to the public can instantly increase security in the building as both visitors and tenants are restricted from entering any unauthorised floors. In the case that a floor needs to be temporarily opened or closed to the public, this can be easily managed by the Integriti Operator on an adhoc basis.


The installation of a card reader inside the lift car for elevators with conventional call buttons, or near the Hall Operating Panel for Mitsubishi DOAS systems allows users to swipe their access control card which will temporally enable the buttons for the floors which the user has access to. Once the user presses the floor button, the call button panel will return to its standard configuration with only the open to public floors being available.


The Floor Feedback features enables Integriti to record the floor buttons which have been pressed by a user after the present their card. This is especially beneficial for tracking people who have access to multiple floors with the Integriti event history.


Home Floor Calling is a convenience feature where a user simply needs to present their card to the reader and be taken to their Home Floor with no need to press any of the call buttons


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