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Monday, 4 January 2021

Healthsafe SecurePass Visitior Management Integration to Integriti allows Access Control Via QR code


New Zealand company HealthSafe recently completed the integration of their SecurePass platform with Inner Range’s Integriti integrated Access Control and Security platform which was made possible by the Open API offered by the Integriti system. 


SecurePass is distributed by CSD in Australia and Atlas Gentech in New Zealand which gives integrators the added benefit of being able to get full end to end support for the SecurePass/Integriti Integration from the one distributor. 


The Open API offered with Integriti allows complimentary solution providers, along with end users and their integrators to connect their systems with the powerful Integriti platform and thus giving them access to Integriti’s vast array of Apps, Integrations, Plugins and Automation Features. Not only can Integriti connect to a Smart Building System but we can act as the central controller and communication point for systems such as CCTV, Lighting, Intercoms, Heating, Cooling, Visitor Management or many other 3rd Party Systems 


By utilising the Integriti Open API, Healthsafe has been able to offer an integration which is extremely easy for integrators to configure and provides a seamless experience for system administrators as well as visitors, staff and contractors on site. 


SecurePass is a fully scalable Visitor, Satff and Contractor Management Platform. It can be used as an entry level solution for managing all people onsite or  be used as a full site management solution.  It is capable of  managing contractors and the associated governance / compliance required for them to be carrying out works on a multi-site environment including the health and safety legislation requirements associated with COVID-19 by providing a contactless sign in and out process.


The integration has the following features. 

  • - When contractors scan a QR code at a door, SecurePass will instantly communicate through the API with Integriti which will trigger Integriti to unlock the door. 
  • - There is a 2 Factor Authentication option which when enabled, requires users of the SecurePass App to unlock their phone using facial recognition and then scan a QR code at the door which inturn instructs Integritri to open the assigned door.
  • - Synchronisation of user and contractor information between the two platforms means that administrators do not need to enter the same information on multiple platforms. 
  • - Users are able to unlock doors controlled by Integriti through the SecurePass app which cuts down on complexity as the users are not required to install and learn multiple apps. 
  • - When booking a contractor visit through SecurePass, information from Integriti can be displayed such as the Company Contract Expiry Date and the Company Insurance Expiry Date to ensure that the contractor is authorised to work on the site. 
  • - Live information from Integriti and SecurePass is combined which allows Securepass to display which staff, visitors and contractors are currently on site within its own user interface.

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