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South East Water

Melbourne, Australia


South East Water manage and maintain the water and sewerage networks – the pipes, pumping stations, valves and some treatment plants that bring water to, and take waste away from ten's of thousands of Melbourne’s households and business’s. South East Water manages over 23,000 kilometres of pipeline, 80 water pump stations, 255 sewage pump stations and oversee approximately $3 billion of infrastructure and assets.


South East Water had a security requirement to monitor and restrict access to their water catchment and treatment areas by integrating their intruder alarm, access control and remote video transmission systems. With no IP or PSTN connections provided, the only connectivity available with many of the remote sites was via the existing telemetry system.


Photoelectric beams were placed in strategic locations, and when tripped, triggered inputs within the Concept system. An interface between Concept and Vision Systems Mini Fast Scan system subsequently captured images of these intruder events and transmitted them to the company’s central control room via a GSM modem.

In order to track employee and contractor movements, Inner Range worked with South East Water and modified the Inner Range Single Door Access Module to transmit card data over the existing Swordfish radio network. Card data could then be sent through to the control room, as well as controlling access to the sites.

With widely distributed facilities, South East Water wanted to be able to program their Concept system remotely. Utilising the system management software for Concept systems, South East Water were able to dial into the Mini Fast Scan modem and through a serial link to the Concept Control Module to then undertake routine administration such as adding and deleting users.

This project has highlighted the power, versatility and flexibility of the Inner Range platform. Coupled with a security integrator that could engineer such a solution, South East Water have a system perfectly suited to their needs.

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