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Jetts gyms is a rapidly growing network of nationwide 24/7 fitness centres. Running ahead of the game, within the last 4 years over 200 gyms have opened around Australia and New Zealand so far. Beating at the heart of their operation Jetts boast of convenience, freedom and value, with members being offered access to all Jetts gyms around Australia and NZ via their single access card. And it shows, over 100,000 members have warmed up to the idea already. This dynamic company is stretching the boundaries of the fitness industry faster than we can say ‘whey protein’.


As a 24/7 fitness centre, many hours of operation are unstaffed. Jetts required a highly sophisticated security and access control system to ensure the safety and confidence of their members. This system needed to offer advanced integration options, a flexible modular design, building automation control and support for hundreds of thousands of members across hundreds of sites internationally.

Also essential to the exercise was the ability for the access control system to interface to the gym membership software. This interface would enable members’ details and card numbers to be entered into the gym membership software, with this information automatically populating to the master Control Module on each site, providing the member access.


The Inner Range system was chosen by Jetts as a perfectly balanced solution to meet their immediate and future requirements. With a tick next to each goal, all of the versatility and advanced controls called for were met without breaking a sweat. All Jetts sites are connected permanently to a central Insight System Management server via the internet. The Dynamic User Import Module within Insight enables outside platforms, such as the gym membership software, to export their user database into Insight including adding new and deleting expired members.

Virtual Panel within Insight provides a mechanism whereby a user needs only to be programmed once and that user will be automatically propagated down to each Concept 4000 Control Module, granting access for that user. Virtual Panel effortlessly enables members to access all Jetts gyms through their single access card. The Active User Rotation Module within Insight allows expansion to hundreds of thousands of users through a rolling cache method, far exceeding the 50,000 user limit per Concept 4000 Control Module.

In terms of hardware integration, each Control Module on site provides intruder detection, building automation, duress alarm and access control. Mobile and fixed duress buttons are used to notify the monitoring station of an issue. The monitoring station can see and communicate with the member via the camera system which includes built in microphones and speakers. The PA system is also interfaced with Concept for automated announcements. For example, if the front door is left open too long, or if a duress button is pressed, Concept provides the logic control to stop the music, continually play the associated announcement, and then return to playing music when the alarm has been acknowledged (e.g. closing the door). The Inner Range solution is a healthy fit for the job.


The Inner Range product is much more than simply a security and access control system. Running successfully for over four years now, Jetts’ implementation of this advanced platform has highlighted the many advantages the Inner Range system can offer. Delivering a complete but flexible package, Inner Range is changing the shape of security and building automation solutions. Jetts members can work-out assured knowing they are protected by one of the world’s most advanced and proven security systems.

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In addition to the case study above, Security Electronics and Networks Magazine featured an independent case study on Jetts Gyms in their September 2011 edition. The PDF version of this case study can be downloaded below.

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