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Inner Range systems provide a powerful and effective tool set for managing the security of your organisation or business. Our systems provide you with the means to monitor and enforce your business security policies across your entire operation. Your organisation may consist of just one small building, or maybe your operation extends across a global enterprise with offices and facilitates located in many parts of the world. Either way you will benefit from the flexible and user friendly security applications Inner Range have on offer.

While the core function of an Inner Range system is to provide intruder detection and access control across your organisation, the management of the system goes well beyond these essential system functions. 

An Inner range system is; a system that allows you to easily define where and when your staff, contractors and visitors have access, a system that monitors your facility for security breaches and alerts you and transmits alarms as you require, a system that allows your staff to travel from one site to another using just one access card, a system that logs all events and allows you to easily search and report on them, a system that integrates to your CCTV system to provide live and historic video verification of events, a system that can lock down or allow evacuation of your facility in case of an emergency, a system that can integrate with your business, OH&S and HR systems to manage the safety and security of your personnel and a system that allows you to manage and monitor all this from just one location or as many locations as you need.

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