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Intruder Detection

The Inner Range solution has always set the industry benchmark as a leading Intruder Detection system. Thousands of areas (zone partitions), thousands of zone inputs, thousands of auxiliary outputs, powerful macro-logic, TCP/IP connectivity and an array of flexible reporting options is just the beginning. Now add seamless compatibility with a huge range of non-proprietary detection devices, IP alarm transmission and state-of-the-art alarm management and you have a winning solution! 

The power of the Inner Range system to deliver Intruder Detection solutions lies in its modular, scalable design. The hardware platform begins with a single Controller providing 16 zone inputs. Expansion modules distributed throughout the site allows the system to grow to thousands of zone inputs and outputs. Any number of Controllers can then be seamlessly linked together to form an intelligent Intruder Detection network with no bounds. This future-proof and modular design ensures that you only pay for what you need, when you need it. 

Intruder and Security System Overview

  • Cost effective solution for small or large requirements
  • Scalable system capable of monitoring 1000’s of areas (partitions)
  • Scalable system capable of managing 1000’s of Zone's & Aux's (inputs & outputs)
  • Programmable & powerful macro logic
  • Supports most 3rd party detection devices
  • Software solutions for guard stations and security personnel
  • Alarm escalation solutions
  • Powerful review event log
  • Built in Access Control integration
  • Industry-standard reporting formats - Contact-ID, SIA & more
  • High speed reporting format IRFast
  • IP Alarm transmissions
  • Wireless alarm transmissions via 3G/4G networks
  • PSTN line reporting
  • SMS control and reporting
  • Smartphone applications for mobile control 


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