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Milestone Plugin Update

A new version of the Milestone CCTV plugin for Integriti is now available for download. This eagerly awaited update allows Integriti’s Licence Plate Recognition to be used with Milestone XProtect®. This plugin update also uses Milestones 2018 R1 SDK ensuring compatibility with the latest versions of Milestone XProtect®.

Integriti Version 18 supports the use of licence plate numbers, captured via Milestone XProtect®, to provide users access to car-parks, entry gates and boom gates. A user's licence plate number is assigned to them as an access credential.

Once Milestone XProtect® sends a licence plate recognition event to the Integriti Server, the user’s licence plate credential is sent to a specific reader to allow entry into a car-park, entry gate or boom gate. Previously this could be achieved but only as a generic trigger event from Milestone. Because the license plate is now associated with a user, all of the access control permission flexibility and power to grant or deny access based on other conditions is made available, in addition to the rich reporting that Integriti offers.

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