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Milestone Access Control Manager

Integriti’s high-level interface with Milestone’s ACM is IP-based and bi-directional. ACM integration allows Milestone to be the single master “head end” security management platform, whereby Integriti functions as an access control and security sub-system. Cardholder information, alarms and events, as well as door and area statuses in Integriti are sent in real-time to Milestone. Operators are therefore empowered to effectively manage their security operation by seamlessly monitoring Integriti alarm and access points through Milestone. Operators may also unlock/lock doors and arm/disarm areas with the added ability to associate doors to cameras in Milestone, thus facilitating efficient situational awareness and immediate visual verification of alarms.

End-user benefits as a result of this integration
Through the Milestone XProtect Smart Client, end-users may:
1. View access control operational events.
2. Control doors.
3. Display and manage video related to access control events.
4. Display alarms from the access control system.
5. Full map overview control of doors and access points.
6. Search for events, video or information associated to specific doors or cardholders.
7. Immediate visual validation of people requesting access.
8. Manage cardholders.
9. Track passages in real-time.

ACM integration allows Milestone to be the “head end” security management system. ACM integration differs to the traditional CCTV integration whereby Integriti is the “head end” (of which Milestone integration is also supported).

See our Milestone ACM Capabilities Guide and login to download the setup guide for more information.