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Integriti V4.2 Release

Integriti version 4.2 is now available and includes a huge range of new features including a web interface, an SNMP & Health Monitor gateway, “Custom Items” for incredibly flexible automation and much, much more.





New In V4.2

Web Interface

The Integriti Web Client Interface allows remote administration of Integriti systems via a web browser on desktop PC’s, tablets or phones.

  • Responsive Web interface with full support for both mobile and desktop environments.
  • Add, view, edit, monitor and delete the following entities:
    • Users, Areas, Area Lists, Doors, Permission Groups, Scheduled Tasks, Inputs, Auxiliaries & Named Actions
  • Create or modify Time Periods or Holidays with a specialised editor
  • View event review, filtered by message type and time periods.
  • Monitor that status of Integriti Controllers.
  • Access to the Web Client is on a per-operator basis and adheres to system permissions set in the operators profile

SNMP & Health Monitor

The SNMP & Health Monitor feature allows IT administrators to be alerted to a number of runtime critical errors that may occur with Integriti or associated SQL server instances

  • Generate SNMP traps (alarms) to be sent to an SNMP server
  • Ability to create an event in the Windows Event Log
  • Various attributes of the following Integriti functions can be selectively monitored
    • Active Directory Service
    • Database Connectivity
    • Server to Controller communications
    • Reports
    • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    • Scheduler
    • Server Services

Custom Items

This feature allows you to define your own set of properties and values for a custom designed entity. The primary purpose of this feature is to allow the operator to design a custom type to suit their specific needs. It is also possible to assign a state to each Custom Item, and have that state displayed on a Schematic Map

Export Review

The capability to export review in a .csv format has been added to the ‘Cleanup Database’ task action. This allows for review archival or offline analysis

  • Export review events in .csv file format
  • Export only or Export & Purge events

Other Changes & Additions

  • Advanced Alerts: Added a new source ‘Custom Item Changed’. This will fire whenever a custom item which matches the configured Filter stack changes.
  • Users: Added a ‘Print Card’ button to the user edit dialog.
  • Reader Configuration: The ‘Basic’ door editor now supports readers with inconsistent card formats.
  • Door Configuration: Added ‘Don’t lock on re-seal’. If set, the door will not be locked after the door closes if in a timed unlock state.
  • Operator Challenge: Added new types of Operator Challenges that will trigger on Entry or Exit door access events.
  • Operator Challenge: The screen shown to operators can now indicate the direction of a user’s access (Entry/Exit)
  • Inner Range SIFER Card Reader: Added ability to individually suppress the DOTL (Door Open Too Long) for each reader.
  • Card Management: New Card Status Options have been added: ‘Inactive-Stolen’ and ‘Inactive-Damaged’

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