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Integriti 19 Release


We are very proud to announce the latest update to our award-winning flagship product, Integriti 19. 

Integriti 19 is now available for download, and brings a number of new features and improvements to the Integriti platform. 

New CCTV Camera Interface

Integriti version 19 has a completely overhauled CCTV camera interface:
  • You can now view multiple cameras using a variety of standard layout configurations, 
  • Control Items associated with cameras directly from the video stream, 
  • Easily navigate with the timeline, 
  • Control PTZ tours directly from the video stream, 
  • Enforce aspect ratios on a per-camera basis,
  • Export short clips or snapshots to file or the Evidence Vault - another feature that is new to Integriti version 19. 

The Evidence Vault

The Evidence Vault is an interface that allows any file to be stored and retrieved for later use. Evidence is stored with cryptographic hashes, so tampering with any evidence extracted from the vault can be detected. Compatible CCTV Integrations can store clips (or snapshots) directly into the Vault. Operator permissions can be used to give fine grain control over who can store or retrieve evidence items. 


Partitioned Systems

Another feature that is available in Integriti version 19 is Partitioned Systems. Generally, Users (and other global entities) are synchronised across all the panels on a site. Partitioned Systems allows for entities to exist solely within the partition they were created in. 

Partitions can contain multiple ISCs & IACs and are entirely isolated from each other. For example, each ‘Partition’ can have its own local ‘User 1’ - and Card and PIN uniqueness is only enforced within a partition.   (NOTE: Partitions are a licensed feature, sold on a per-partition basis)

For more information, contact your local distributor or view the release notes here.

Author: Peter Muscat

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