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Case Studies

World Tower Sydney:

The 637 apartments in the 75 storey World Tower dominate the skyline of the Sydney CBD. The Australian Prime Minister recently opened the tallest residential apartment building in the Southern Hemisphere which prides itself on the ‘World Class Security’ offered to tenants.

Four IR Control Modules are used throughout the building, integrated with system management software. Concept 3000 / Access 4000 controls access to over 100 doors with over 2000 users and 100 user types.

Tenants use key fobs for wireless entry to the ten car park entries over five levels. Twelve lifts servicing three separate tiers of the building are controlled by three IR Modules with custom memory configurations. Button-feedback alerts users when they try to select floors that they do not have access to.

Panic buttons linked to the IR Module are sent via low-level interfacing to Matrix CCTV stations and DVRs to monitor and record images from 133 CCTV cameras in critical areas such as car parks, entries and lift lobbies.

The IR Access 4000 is also integrated with the Urmet Domus Digivoice Intercom system for lift release. Additionally, over 50 inputs including water supply, air-conditioning and pumps are monitored in the building plant rooms.

Throughout this huge building, Concept undertakes an amazing array of critical functions, both on its own and by integrating with other premium technology platforms.

Download the World Tower Sydney Case Study PDF